September 18, 2009

More Summer Fun...

We didn't have much swimming weather this summer but that didn't keep us from the beach and a little fishing. No big fish stories, though. Samuel and William both caught a few bluegill that were a little bigger than the hook.

We take lots of drives in the summer. This is a seasonal road through Sleeping Bear National Park on the way to one of our favorite beaches on Lake Michigan.

This year we went to the opening of the Dunes summer concert series in Sleeping Bear National Park. It was a perfect night. We sat on the dunes, listened to great music and watched the boys play in the sand.

September 11, 2009

The summer adventures of Samuel and William

This summer Samuel decided to dig a hole - in the corner of our drive way. He set up a construction zone complete with safety barriers and everything so that no one would fall in. Kip, our 13 year old dog, did end up falling in but was not hurt. By the time he was finished the hole was about four and a half feet deep! The boys then put together and time capsule and buried it.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures from Samuel and William...

September 9, 2009

Hammock time with Chilli

Lauren and the boys waiting on the movie " UP" to start at the Cherry Bowl Drive Inn

The boys on their skim board at the beach.

Hi everyone. It's been awhile. I plan to update this site at least once per week to keep you posted on what's going on with the northern Cricks.

Samuel and William started school today. Samuel is now in 5th grade (public) and William is in 2nd (home school). They were both very happy to start school. Gina said her and William had a great first day and Samuel said his teacher is awesome. I asked him what made his teacher awesome and he said because he hardly has any rules. Samuel likes his freedom.

The summer has been great for us. I will post more pictures soon.