March 29, 2009

New friends on the train.

William is smitten with our new English friend, Nechamma. (Her name is Hebrew for constellation.)

The boys watch Monsters Inc. with Elliot and another young friend in the observation car. Elliot is traveling cross country with his parents.

One of the best parts of the train ride was listening to the announcements from "Johnny the Dining Cart Attendant". He would let us know what was available in the dining cart, "piping hot pizza, Italian hoggies, a hot chicken sandwich...". He warned us about 10 minutes before his break that he would be absent his post for about an hour and we would be without food if we didn't get to him in "10 minutes...10 minutes..........10 minutes." His voice was low and he sounded like a jazz musician from Chicago. It always made us smile.

The train crew was from Chicago. They were all were very good at what they did, and made our experience great. I am sad that I can only remember Johnny's name, but I think I heard it about twenty times. I am also sad that the service efforts of the crew was met by, at least a few people that I witnessed, ungrateful attitudes of entitlement. I guess that is why we are asked to do our work as unto the Lord, because not everyone will appreciate it. As for me and my family, we think that the Chicago crew on the California Zephyr rocks.

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