March 31, 2009

the lights go down in the city...

I (GC) got a full night sleep. I think we all did. Leighton and I are sick right now, but I don't think it will last long. It's just a cold. I really like this apartment and the view. It is beautiful. But I don't think I want to live somewhere that dropping something, or someone, 34 stories is a built-in hazard. We have been a little anxious about the boys, in that regard.

They have wrestled their way around most of the city. We try to keep them from hurting other people and each other too badly. William broke Samuel's left lateral incisor yesterday. No blood or anything. No big deal to them, except that it is a permanent tooth. My friends with grown boys have told me that they will not always be wild. I don't know. It is my hope that they are right. Until then, Dr. Cloud ( is my best friend, and Leighton and I are just trying not to scar them emotionally, or hurt them. I wish they would return the favor.

Later today we hop a small plane to Christchurch, around 2 pm here. We have to be out of our apt. at 10 am, so we will have time to see the city. First thing, breakfast and fresh baked croissants for all, and coffee for LC and I. When I visited France in '92 that is what our group ate every morning: a baguette or croissant and coffee or hot cocoa. Back then I had hot cocoa, but now I love coffee. (Thank you Lauren:) The smell of Leighton's beer yesterday reminded him of his trip here almost twenty years ago. We are just trying to take it all in. This is an amazing experience. Following along with God, and enjoying our time with him.


  1. Wow! That is amazing...thanks for sharing your adventure with us. It looks like you are seeing some amazing things. I can't wait to hear the stories when you return.

  2. I am Anonymous; however, I don't know how to post a comment any other way.


  3. We are thoroughly enjoying experiencing New Zealand through you! We will keep watching the adventures!
    PaPa and Grandeb