March 29, 2009

Hello from San Francisco Bay

We have successfully crossed the country via Amtrak. It was long but actually very enjoyable. The scenery was spectacular, especially from Denver to San Fran. It was nice to meet people and make friends (love your comment Ian and Hailey and thanks Ian for your note to the boys). We even met two people who where on their way to New Zealand. Jon is a young guy who was going to spend the next six months or so working on farms and exploring the country. Nechama is a young woman from Britain who is making her way around the world. William took a special liking to her and spend most of the final day sitting with her chatting and playing her DS. We are going to spend some time today exploring Emeryville before taking a taxi over to the San Francisco Airport. Our flight leaves tonight at 7 pacific time. Good to hear from all of you making comments. Talk to you more soon.


  1. Me and Nathan have a blog now... Well I have a blog that I put Nathan's name on haha your video is funny :] The music cracked me up. I'm at BUD'S! :] Love you guys!

  2. Sweet! Love the video. Looks like you had seat in the observation car for the trip through the Rockies :-)


  3. This was amazing! How did you do all that?! of these days I'll have to figure it out.

  4. That was such a fantastic series of photos. A real story of a journey. You are both so brave doing it with your boys!
    Great to meet you today.
    Hamish Baxter