March 30, 2009

out about town

i'm pretty sure the bus drivers here enjoy
running down pedestrians.
it looks a bit like Frogger

it's snack time.
the boys have fresh baked croissants.
we will go back for breakfast tomorrow.


  1. Hey Crick family! Ok, we admit it, we miss you already. But, hey, glad you get to enjoy summer-like weather. We got a snowstorm last night and recieved about 6 inches of nice wet, heavy snow. I right away thought of you guys!! :) Take care and know that we are praying/thinking about you all the the Habers family

  2. I LOVE the pictures so far! I'm still incredibly jealous... too bad there wasn't room for ME in one of those backpacks :) We all miss you already, but it looks like you guys are having such a blast. I look forward to hearing more! Your family is in my prayers as you're on this great adventure. Love you! ~ Rachel :)