March 31, 2009

joy and pain, like sunshine and rain...

A newspaper once asked the question: what was wrong with the world? With all that we have, we can not set the world right. I think it was G.K. Chesterton that answered with two words: "I am". The following is our top ten of ways that we know he is right.

1. GC ate a Salmon, cheese and rice casserole that was left out overnight for breakfast.

2. LC dropped GC's contacts into the laundry soap.

3. We washed our first load of laundry here with SC's Burt's Bees. (A two part fault really.)

4. GC put sink soap in the dishwasher.

5. We brought our pillows from home, and never checked them but carried them around with us Every Where which excited onlookers to make comments like "oh look pillows", and "you brought the whole house", and "oh look they brought their pillows". They were white when we left, but are now completely disgusting. I am pretty sure it is why we are now sick. And we only used them on the train. They will stay at this hotel when we leave.

6. The Dramamine GC took for the train ride made her irritable and unable to sleep, but at least she was not throwing up.

7. SC is a planner which means that if we do something that he did not anticipate or does not think he will enjoy- his pat response is to throw himself down and cry. The next time he does it I think I will join him.

8. WC will not stop trying to make out with GC. This Mostly happens in Public places.

9. Airplanes are full of little plastic bags that WC likes to put on his head, just so we know that He is in fact in charge of his own life.

10. When customs agents ask if you are carrying "hiking boots", they also mean galoshes. If you are unaware of this fact your bag, like GC's bag, will be unpacked and searched in front of God and everyone, giving all an opportunity to see your undies.


  1. Hilarious. Love you guys. Great photos by the way.

  2. Absolutely hysterical. Can't wait to hear more.