April 2, 2009

Day 10

We started this trip 10 days ago.

On Tuesday, we leave Traverse City for Grand Rapids and stay the night with Harvey's family: Steve and Lois. Dan is also there, but Michael is out fighting fires. Great start to our endeavor. Great conversation; I like these people.

On Wednesday, Steve drives us to the train station (thanks again:) and off to Chicago we go, sans William's baby (his stuffed animal- cat) which was left in our car. At Chicago we board the California Zephyr to San Fransisco, and make all kinds of friends on the 3 day cross- country trip.

Friday ends in San Fransisco. We say goodbye to Mechama, and hoof it 5 blocks to the hotel. (This statement should evoke all sorts of empathetic sounds and emotions. If not refer to the photo, somewhere below, of the packs that we carry.)

Saturday morning we take a taxi to the airport and board Air New Zealand.

We skip Sunday altogether due to the international date line.

On Monday we land in Auckland at about 4:30 am, take a bus to our apartment, and then a big nap 'till lunch. The rest of the day, and part of the next, we wander the streets of Auckland, eat really good food, and wonder who gave our children such exuberant genes?

On Tuesday we hop a small plane to Christchurch. Once in Christchurch a bus takes us to the car rental. After we pick up our car, Leighton learns to drive on the opposite side of the road. We are in a big city here, so this is really frightening, but Leighton does very well.

On Wednesday we drive 5 hours to Nelson, were we are now, and try to catch up on our rest with 2 very energetic boys, a sick Mom, and Dad trying not to get sick.

It is now Thursday and my amazing husband has taken the children to the pool so that I may have some time to rest. Did I mention that He got the groceries yesterday? I think I'm in love:)

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