April 8, 2009

quotes on the trip:

"Mom you are more beautiful than Satan, but not as beautiful as God" - William

"William, chew like you have a secret." - Mom
"William doesn't have any secrets." - Samuel

William - "Are there trees in the desert?"
Mom - "There are cactus in the desert."

"Oh it's heaps!" Our young friend at the sight of the lunch table.

William walks between Leighton and I, holds our hands, and says: "Dad you are holding Mom's hand. The love goes through me to you. When it comes from Mommy and goes to me it gets more love then goes to you." Daddy asks Samuel, "Do you want some love?" Samuel says: "No." He is ten.

"Does God have germs?" - William
"I have no idea." - Dad
"No way." - Samuel

"Dad, can you get 'permaket' marker off with a 'wipie'?"

William, about his new stuffed animal (a sheep): "Mom I love Fluffy with all my heart, soul, and strength, but not as much as I love God. But I love him as much as I love you and Dad." I am also made aware that Fluffy likes to read the paper in the morning, and wants a red Mohawk.

"Do stuffed animals die?" - William

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  1. McDonalds McDouble cheeseburger...$1
    Crazy Love by Francis Chan...$15
    My Charter Bill...$83
    That Post...Priceless!