April 16, 2009

random, miscelaneous, whatever...

When Dad shuts the car door it sounds like a car crash.

William- "Everyone here (in NZ) is wearing clothes, except the people taking a shower."

When Mom refused to utilize a certain road side restroom William inquired about it. "Why won't you use That restroom?" Before Mom could answer Samuel wisely replied, "William, you don't know the secret ways of women."

When Mom and Dad decided to ditch the "home pillows" at the hotel, William cried and lamented "That was the only pillow I ever had!" He continued to talk about his pillow for the next few days, but we think he is over it now. He saw an infomercial for a $200 pillow that he would accept as a replacement.

It is Thursday, almost dinner time. This is our last night in Queenstown. We will be leaving tomorrow sometime. We have a few days to move north to our next spot. We will be WWOOFing somewhere really remote. Justin is familiar with the place, he called it paradise and said we would never want to leave.

All I know is that we are staying with a family, who have children close in age to ours, on their farm. And that his place is only reached by boat. I think we are taking the "mail boat" out. Leighton is the detail guy, and he is good at it.

We are off to dinner now with Justin and his family. This has been a great stop. Hugs for everyone.

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