April 9, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday...

Our home for the next 24 hours or so. A beautiful view of the Tasman Sea, and recycling stations for our use. On a side note, I am sure that people outside of America generates less trash. Moving cross-country through America we saw a lot of trash, litter, and used up old stuff left to rot in plain view. The only exception was Colorado.

Only in the last few years have we been educated about our own wastefulness and abuse of God's creation. As Christians, I think we should lead the way in caring for God's creation.

The storm that came in that night was powerfully loud. Like a rain storm in south Texas, but more intense, and it lasted through most of the night. The storm in that rain forest reminded me of how powerful God is. We all slept well that night.

These three pictures are from the pancake rocks and blowholes. Pictures and video do not really do the place justice, but we want to share with you what we can.
William is a tactile learner like his Mom.

This is from Franz-Josef.
It is a double rainbow, though I don't think it came across in the video.


  1. Hey guys this is thomas I was watching the rainbow video and I thought it was funny when someone said "Its a double rainbow dude." (p.s. i have an email it is thomaslaneintc@charter.net).

  2. Hi there Crick Family thanks for sharing the wonderful stories and photos of your trip! Happy Easter to all of you. God is Good!