April 28, 2009

i don't know...

it is Tuesday. we left the farm Sunday, two days ahead of schedule. Leighton asked me to write something about it. this is the first time, in a long time, that i have been in a situation where my freedom was controlled. last Tuesday a boat took us to the place, and we were told that the same boat was the only way back the following Tuesday.

it started out great. the place was beautiful, but primitive. we had the impression from the WWOOFer organization book that we worked half a day, and had half a day off. the people there did not subscribe to that belief. that part was not the main issue. we worked and ate and rested with the family. Saturday was our Sabbath.

in hindsight, Leighton and i both can see warning signs. the night before LC went to an internet cafe to get online to arrange our schedule. the guy at the cafe warned LC about the head woman. i had some unusual anxiety about it, but just thought i was nervous about doing something new.

i don't know what to say. we met some amazing people, and i don't want to harm their efforts there. but one person made our time there hell. she shamed our children in front of the other workers, our friends at this point. (ref: Matthew 18:15) she made a point of reminding me continually, that i was doing light work, while everyone else was doing hard work. she continually talked down to us. it was very clear that she was in controll of everything and everyone there.

Samuel's stomach was upset Saturday, from stress i think, she made sure that we were quarantined to our room, and used separate water facilities from everyone else as not to infect the rest of the camp. on Sunday we were asked to leave because of "the sickness", and waited in our room for a few hours while a taxi was called. we were not allowed to say goodbye to our friends. at our departure we were told that Samuel and William popped an inflatable seat worth $100 and she then proceeded to scold them and dictate to them their punishment once they got home to make up for the damage. unbelievable. she was not a reasonable person. LC and i promised to take care of the seat and quietly said goodbye.

Samuel and William did good work. i know that we are not farm people, but they really did work. Leighton went above and beyond, and I really tried to make the best of an uncomfortable situation. we left in tears. i don't want to talk about this anymore. a lot happened there that i don't want to talk about. our prayers are for their help, and healing and ours as well.

the brilliant spot is this. Saturday night i could not sleep. i spent the night crying out to God about our trouble there. the next morning, i told LC that i prayed through the night, and that this prayer would not left go of me until about 6 am. it was that morning, Sunday morning, that we were asked to leave. i really feel that God heard, and answered. as soon as we were asked to leave Samuel started to feel better.

we are now in Wellington. it is good here. we are in a YHA, youth hostel association, with lots of friendly people and it feels great. we have had dinner, and are regrouping. we went to the musuem Te Papa today. beautiful. they are showing Monet this month; one of my favorite impressionists. a gift from God. i am tired. i will catch up with you all again soon.

love love love.


  1. Sounds like you were definitely delivered. Just a reminder that we are living in a broken place and broken time and how many people really do not feel loved and have no idea how to love others.

    You guys are awesome. Love you! Really enjoying the photos and postings.

  2. Said a prayer for you all. It does something to the soul to lose something like freedom. I guess you use this as a family learning experience and move on and not allow it to be in the way of your future endeavors.


  3. I think I might just make a trip out there myself. MTV has a new show called Bully Beatdown. I'm bringing them with me.
    End of story.
    xoxo Lauren

  4. Sounds like that was the Anti-Fantasy Island. Glad to hear you are out of there. I wouldn't be surprised that God will make something good come of that experience, either for you or the people you came in contact with.

  5. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.God works in wondrous, mysterious ways. We're praying for you.

  6. Oh, I am catching up on your journey and just read this.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your experience. I can only imagine the depth of shame that woman must carry to need to shame others in such a way. Don't carry her shame with you!

    Looking forward to where you end up.