April 13, 2009

Queenstown, New Zealand

A day at the beach.

On the drive out to Queenstown.

Queenstown is beautiful, and more modern than I anticipated. Leighton is very impressed with its growth in the past twenty years. Our accommodations are in-town, so we have been able to walk everywhere. They have really good coffee here. Downtown has a large natural area with a beach, and a large rose garden. Many people have rose gardens here, as they have an extended growing season as compared to TC.

The boys are out exploring with Justin (Leighton's friend), and I am taking a few minutes in an internet cafe to catch up on the blog. This place is great, but would be better if you guys could be here with us.

We celebrated Easter with a local church, and shared a family Easter basket instead of individual baskets. I found a candy shop with all sorts of goodies, and one very large chocolate egg. Everyone here exchanges chocolate eggs for Easter. The children's church leaders gave the kids welcome bags with chocolate eggs. The church has a skate park in the parking lot. I would give you the name of the church but I do not remember it. Great music, exuberant worship, the kids begged us to bring them back that night but we had other plans.

We spent Saturday night with Justin and Rebekah. They invited us to diner at their house. It was a great night for Leighton and Justin to catch up, and for Rebekah and I to get to know each other. The boys had a Men in Black "double whammy", as Justin put it.

Monday morning we caught up with the Cochran's for breakfast downtown. It was great to meet them and hear their stories of Leighton's visit with them twenty years ago.

I've only got a minute left before my card runs out, so love to you all, we miss you!

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