April 14, 2009

a special flora and fauna section...

These sheep ran away from GC too. They let LC pet them.

Ponies across the street from the hotel, close to the beach.

Red and pink flowers from the road side.

Yellow flowers from the beach.

These photos are from the little town of Haast. It is on the west coast of NZ. Our introduction to the town could have been a warning of things to come here. At the visitor center Leighton looked at the maps and area info, while the boys and I were outside walking around the reflecting ponds.

The boys where enjoying playing on the stepping stones when William fell in. Samuel ran out calling for "Mom", and explained what happened. William was cold and crying. I responded without surprise, and little emphathy. I was tired. Samuel stepped up and made a plan. Per his request, I gathered extra clothes and he took William into the visitors center to change. He is my hero! Everyone emerged happy and ready for Haast, the beach, and our first scarry hotel experience for the trip.

The vase of Hydrangeas are the best part of the suite the stayed in, so it is all you will see of that place. I picked the flowers from outside the room. I hope they don't mind, but it really did help.

Roses from the gardens in Queenstown.

They have Queen Ann's Lace too! The road side on a drive through the mountains.

It is a moss with lots of very small orange berries. These last three are from the walk out to the Fran-Josef glacier.

These two, I can't remember.

At Rabbit beach near Nelson.

These are from a vineyard on the way to the beach. We stopped for a really good lunch. Can you see the bee? http://www.seifried.co.nz/

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