April 18, 2009

a day without music, and good books, is a sad day...

The boys are waiting for the waves to splash over the wall. We got a few little sprinkles, and then one really big spray. We were all really wet for dinner.

Thursday night was our last night in Queenstown. We had an amazing night out, starting with dinner at The Cow. It is one of the original restaurants of Queenstown, it is very small and busy. We had pizza and fresh baked bread with lots of butter. Justin joined us and we had a great time chatting, and eating.

Leighton and Justin met twenty years ago when Justin came to the states as an exchange student. He has had an adventure of a life. The boys especially loved hearing about his time as an extra on the Lord of the Rings movies. The movie was filmed in New Zealand. Justin was an Elf, and an Ork. He told us that the Ork costume was worth $12,000, and the face piece was $2,000 alone. He also met his future bride Rebekah during this time. The Lord of the Rings is big business here. Tours are offered for anyone wanting to visit movie locations. I met a couple from Poland who carried the official LOTR tour book, and eagerly shared it with me.

After the Cow, we went over to the wharf area and got some sorbet. As we were eating and strolling a bagpipe band started playing in a courtyard by the water. There were five bagpipes and two snare drums. Maybe it's the Scotch-Irish in me, but hearing that music always make me feel at home. After that we said goodbye to Justin, went back to our room and packed up to leave in the morning.

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