April 5, 2009

what a glorious day...

William likes. He is so excited because we are standing on the roof of the car.

William accidentally hit Samuel with a rock. It really was an accident. His rock ricocheted off another rock. When William tried to show Samuel what happened, he hit him a second time.

The sheep were afraid of me (GC). I really wanted to pet one.

A sailboat behind the rocks.

Today we explored. This kind of natural beauty feeds our souls. And the boys were great. We found a solution to our problem. We decided, after much thought and intensive prayer, to give them an allowance each day, for whatever they want to buy, as long as they do not argue, fight, whine or complain. If they do argue, fight, whine or complain they lose a dollar, no warning. As soon as we made that announcement, they added up how much they could make by the end of the trip, and announced that they would save their earnings to buy something really big. I am sure that there may be holes in this genius plan, bad parenting or whatever. If you posses this particular insight, please hold onto it until June 1st. Right now we are enjoying the peace.

The people here are friendly, and make great coffee with pretty designs in the foam. We had a great chat with our house host today. She is a Christian and is knowledgeable about the spiritual history and health of this place. She is helping in her congregation, and has been praying for the spiritual health of the church in Nelson. They have problems with witches who pray against the church, and the church health is deteriorating. We sense a heaviness here. Our friend speaks of a sense of helplessness among the people.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I can't sleep. We are going to church with our friend, so I should try. Hope all is well in TC, and Texas. We love you all. Goodnight.


  1. Oh, I am not sure what made me laugh more...trying to imagine WC's amazement as he hit SC the second time. Or, your plea for silence with regards to parenting techniques.

    We love you all and miss your company very much.


  2. Thanks for the laughs you guys! Gotta see the fun in the tough times. We watched the movie 'Australia' tonight and thought about you all so near that beautiful place. Keep sharing when you can. We are enjoying the blog very much. Love and prayers.
    Mike & Marsha

  3. Ooh, the top photo is awesome! Beaches, sand and sun look really appealing - it is snowing in TC right now!